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Chapter 543 Add This Into His Medicine

  • Yara frowned at the butler's words.
  • “Tell me every single thing that happened,” she commanded. “Spare no details!”
  • Jefford painstakingly retold the events of the night, including the games and Kenneth's impression of Natalie after she left. Yara's face became increasingly grim as the story progressed.
  • This b*tch grew up in the countryside with Jennie! She's my twin sister, yet her talent and grit far surpass me!
  • Taking a leaf out of Natalie's book, Yara had initially tried to impress Kenneth with her chess skills. However, she soon discovered, to her disappointment, that it took more than sheer force of will to succeed in chess.
  • Forced to take the easier way out, she amended her plan in its later stages by pretending to lose to Kenneth and complimenting him with sweet words.
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