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Chapter 527 Too Many Surprises

  • At that moment, Xavian, Clayton, and even Malcolm's expressions darkened.
  • “So you were lying, Grandpa. You don't like our mommy,” Xavian said with a saddened expression.
  • “Don't feel sad, Xavian.” Clayton took Xavian's hand and turned toward Kenneth. “Since Grandpa hates Mommy, we'll just have to cut ties with him!”
  • Even though the brothers were close with Kenneth, Natalie was the only choice they would make if forced to choose between the two.
  • Kenneth felt terrible and was at a loss for word.
  • Right then, Malcolm spoke begrudgingly. “Kenneth, let me tell you this. Your grandson is my senior apprentice, while Natalie is my junior apprentice. She's a great person. Your great-granddaughter has already said it as nicely as she could. If it were me, I would have said that you were blind!”
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