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Chapter 524 The Group Photo

  • Clayton's words really touched Malcolm. Natalie used to call him “Old Man” and teased him. Hence, it never came to his mind that she would compliment him in the face of her kids.
  • “Ha! Did you hear that? I'm not lying to you. I'm really your daddy and mommy's master,” Malcolm asked gently.
  • With that, Franklin and Sophia greeted him courteously, “Mr. Trevor, nice to meet you!”
  • Malcolm was tickled pink at the twins' mellifluous voice.
  • Shortly after, he distributed the local food products from the highland to all of them before heading toward the counter to order six sets of kid's meals. Four out of the six sets were for the four kids, whereas he needed two sets to fill himself up.
  • The unique sight of a white-haired elderly with four adorable kids was undoubtedly an eye-catching view in the fast-food restaurant. There were even reverberations of the customers giving compliments in the entire place.
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