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Chapter 520 He Was Heartbroken

  • Samuel had a tensed expression when he came out of Imperial Hotel.
  • Billy did not know what Samuel and Malcolm talked about. Samuel seemed much sterner than usual.
  • Then, Billy followed behind Samuel and sensed a chilling aura from him. He did not dare to say anything.
  • On the other hand, Samuel was still thinking about what Malcolm said.
  • The two years she spent on the mountain was not a happy time for her. Judging from her stubborn personality, I believe she doesn't want you to know. Therefore, you must not let her know that I told you these. Furthermore, you should know that although Natalie appeared lovable, she was more prideful than anyone I know. Therefore, do not interfere with what she wants to do, such as revenge.
  • Even though Samuel knew it could not replace the hurt Natalie suffered, he could not stop feeling heartbroken for her.
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