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Chapter 52 Marry Into The Bowers Family

  • “Hey. Stop dreaming. Who gave you such confidence to think that you looked much prettier than Natalie?” Franklin gave Yara the side-eye.
  • “Y-You...”
  • “What? Did I say anything wrong?” He knitted his brows and looked at Yara in disdain. “I wonder why an adult like you still doesn't have any self-awareness.”
  • “Did you just say I don't have any self-awareness?” She squatted down and held his shoulders. “Listen. I am the biological mother of you and Sophia. No matter how much you hate me, this is a fact that will never change. Sooner or later, I will move into the Bowers residence and officially become your mommy.”
  • If the twins were not Samuel's children, she would have sent them to hell with Natalie.
  • After all, they were her bargaining chip to marry into the Bowers family.
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