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Chapter 519 Natalie Used To Have Aphasia Too

  • Malcolm was stunned briefly, but he was not surprised that Samuel would ask him this question.
  • “Are you sure you want to know?” Mr. Bowers finished his cup of tea calmly. He looked straight into Samuel's eyes and said solemnly, “She had gone through a lot!”
  • “Master, I sincerely want to know everything about her...” Samuel replied.
  • He had guessed that Natalie was hurt before. Thus, it made him even more determined to find out what happened to her in the past five years.
  • “Fine, I will tell you.” Malcolm put his teacup on the saucer and said, “The current Natalie may seem clever and sly like a fox, but she was different when I first met her. It was Mr. Jones who brought her to me.”
  • Malcolm took a deep breath and continued, “He said that Natalie was the granddaughter of his good friend and asked me to save her life no matter what. At the time, there were blood and burns all over her body. She was holding two bloodied babies tightly in her arms.”
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