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Chapter 501 An Obedient Puppet

  • When something suddenly occurred to Natalie, she broke into an ambiguous smile.
  • “Ross, as long as one pours one's heart to it, anything can be accomplished. Instead, it's the human heart that's the hardest to read and predict.”
  • Despite being briefly stunned, Ross nodded in agreement before they returned to the conference venue together.
  • Most of the participants of the medical conference were middle-aged men dressed in suits.
  • Therefore, when Yara appeared in her white gown, she looked as if she was a white swan gracefully sauntering into the venue, capturing everyone's attention.
  • “Mr. Nichols, you're such a lucky man. I heard that your daughter will be speaking on behalf of Dexmed Pharmaceutical. Not only does she have an impressive career but is also a stunning beauty!”
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