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Chapter 500 Being A Third Party Is Despicable

  • When Malcolm heard the familiar banter, he was briefly stunned. By the time he regained his senses, he exclaimed in delight, “Oh my, it has been so difficult to find you!”
  • When his gaze fell upon her face, he furrowed his brows intensely. “What happened to you? Usually, people undergo plastic surgery to look prettier. How did you end up looking worse?”
  • Even though they were standing some distance away from Zachary, they noticed him looking over their shoulder.
  • Finding him annoying, Natalie suggested, “Old Man, let's talk someplace else.”
  • With his mood lifted by the sight of Natalie, he led her and Ross to his private room.
  • Inside, Malcolm put his hands behind his back and scrutinized Ross.
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