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Chapter 499 A Legend In The Medical Field

  • Yara strutted into the conference venue alongside Thomas without even looking back.
  • Given how famous Malcolm was, he was outraged at being held down by the shoulder like a criminal.
  • “Let go of me! That girl is young enough to be my granddaughter. There's no way I would do something so despicable. I'm being wrongly accused. I didn't do anything to her at all!”
  • Just when Malcolm was about to be brought to the police station, a mixed-race middle-aged man hurried over when he recognized Malcolm.
  • “What are you doing to Mr. Trevor? Let go of him!”
  • The middle-man man was the conference's executive director, Zachary Kent. His unique features allowed the security guards to quickly recognize him. As a result, they obeyed his instructions and released Malcolm.
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