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Chapter 498 Not His Apprentice

  • Malcolm felt like he was about to explode from frustration when he heard that.
  • He had thought that apprentices were supposed to behave respectfully toward their teachers and wondered why all three of his apprentices were such feisty characters.
  • His most senior apprentice had just called him shameless while his second apprentice complained that he was naggy. Even his last apprentice often disregarded him.
  • “You rascal! It really doesn't pay to be kind these days!” Malcolm ranted. “Just make sure you don't get too mesmerized by that junior of yours later. For all you know, you might end up pleading with me to put in a good word for you.”
  • “If she's really that outstanding, you can introduce her to my other junior instead.”
  • “Well, he is indeed quite interested in her.” Malcolm ran his fingers through his beard before saying, “Isn't it obvious that I favor you?”
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