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Chapter 496 Willing To Do Anything For It

  • Thomas walked over to Yara with his brows tightly knitted and asked, “Yara, what did you say to Professor Miller and Professor Anderson just now? Why are they both resigning?”
  • Thomas had also studied medicine and had some talent and achievements in the field back in the day. Otherwise, he would not have been recognized by Arnold and Jennie.
  • Even though he wasn't a natural businessman, with his knowledge, the man could tell that the two professors were talents who were hard to come by in the medical field. It would be difficult to find someone else with the same caliber to replace them if they left.
  • “They are just two old fools who abuse their seniority. They don't even know how to amend a draft!” Yara mocked nonchalantly. “Well, at least their willingness to resign shows that they have some self-awareness.”
  • “Why do they have to amend the draft? I have reviewed it. The paper fits the theme of the conference perfectly.”
  • “But it's filled with complicated jargon. How am I supposed to memorize them?”
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