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Chapter 479 Examine Your Injury

  • Natalie knelt down and frowned. “What about the surveillance footage?”
  • “Mommy, the server of the black market is well hidden, and it is complicated to hack into. I spent a long time and successfully hacked into their surveillance system. I discovered that something was missing from the surveillance that day. That was the part you asked me to delete.”
  • Xavian's fists clenched tightly as he mentioned it.
  • He had put in his blood and sweat to hack into it. Yet, his effort turned out to be in vain.
  • “Did you mean they didn't record it? Or someone else had deleted it?” Natalie pressed on the issue.
  • “I am not sure.” Xavian shook his head. “I tried to recover it, but I failed. And the other party seems to have added anti-directional tracking. I was afraid they would find me, so I immediately backed out. Mommy, I'm sorry, I screwed up the task you gave me!”
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