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Chapter 468 The Mysterious King

  • The call took quite a while to connect, and when it finally did, a modified male voice came through the receiving end. “Hello—”
  • “Sorry for disturbing you so late, King.” As much as Thomas was someone who had been around, he nonetheless remained exceptionally cautious when dealing with the one who he was on the phone with. “It's me, Thomas Nichols. I've something that I would like to ask for your help with.”
  • The man hailed as “King” did not respond immediately and, instead, quietly waited for Thomas to state his business.
  • “I lost over one billion to stone-gambling today.”
  • “And?” King asked nonchalantly.
  • Thomas gasped, and could only fess up. “Recently, I've also acquired a piece of property and exhausted Dexmed Pharmaceutical's liquidity in the process. Dexmed may face cash flow issues should this situation remain unchanged and may become insolvent as a result.”
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