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Chapter 458 Samuel Is Here Too

  • “Come on, Yandel. Just do as I say.” Natalie looked at him from the corner of her eyes and insisted.
  • Yandel felt unsure about it, but still, he played along.
  • Little did he know, Samuel was indeed sitting in his office and sipping from his cup of tea as he observed their every move from a screen in his office.
  • Samuel started this black market when he was only eighteen. Since he did not launch this project under the family's name, this was considered his own asset.
  • It was put under the management of another proxy, Weston Yount, so no one knew Samuel was the real owner. All they knew was that this black market was worth a handsome amount of money.
  • It so happened that Samuel was there that day to see how things were running in the market. He did not expect to run into Natalie here.
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