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Chapter 456 Are You Not Interested

  • There were three things that Natalie was passionate about. Not money but good wine and medicinal drugs.
  • If she had to pick one among the three, she would choose the last one.
  • Over at Dream, she had hidden many rare and precious traditional medicine in her safety deposit box, but despite how much she had in her collection, she was never satiated. She simply had to go and look for new ones whenever there was an opportunity.
  • Yandel smiled when he saw the thrill on Natalie's face. “See, Ross, I told you she would be interested. You said she wouldn't want to go to the black market, but it turns out you worried too much. She will definitely be up for it as long as she gets to get more drugs.”
  • Ross nodded in agreement. “You could really read her like a book.”
  • “That's for sure!” Yandel smiled proudly. “She might have a lot of people working under her, but I'll always be the one who knows her the best.”
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