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Chapter 453 Mommy Needs Some Comforting

  • When Natalie lowered her head, she found the young siblings staring worriedly at her. “Franklin? Sophia?”
  • Immediately, she could feel a lump in her throat. If my children were still alive somewhere, they'd probably be as adorable as these two. But I know that it's very unlikely.
  • Franklin got even more concerned when he noticed the tears rolling down Natalie's cheeks. “Please don't cry. Did somebody bully you?”
  • “You can tell us. We'll protect you,” assured Sophia, who got emotional as well when she saw how sad Natalie was.
  • Because of the little ones' comforting words, Natalie's heart completely melted, so she wrapped her arms around the children and embraced them as tightly as she could. “I'm fine; nobody's bullying me. I just had a bad day, but now that I have you two, I feel so much better!”
  • “Sophia and I were so worried about you when we saw you crying,” voiced Franklin.
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