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Chapter 451 What Are You Doing

  • That day, Natalie was so distracted that she kept spacing out at work.
  • “Are you sure you're okay?” inquired Lia when she noticed how troubled Natalie seemed.
  • Having finally decided to come clean, Natalie picked up her documents and sighed, “I actually have a personal issue to deal with. That's why I have trouble focusing today. I'm afraid I might have to get off work early to recompose myself.”
  • Lia then nodded in response, permitting Natalie to take the rest of the day off.
  • Meanwhile, Melissa could feel her eyes swelling up behind her sunglasses after leaving the Dream Corporation office building. The more she thought about what happened, the more her heart ached. It even got to a point where she felt like her heart was on fire.
  • Even though Melissa came from a loving family, she had always lived in Yara's shadow.
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