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Chapter 444 Is That Not Enough

  • Zayden had a mixed emotion upon hearing what she said.
  • “How can I help you then?” Zayden asked in a coarse voice.
  • “Don't repeat the same mistakes I've made, Zayden.” Scarlett lowered her eyes, and tears started rolling down her cheeks. “There'll always be people more powerful and capable than us. The heyday of the Hamiltons is over, and we should not live in its past glory anymore.”
  • She continued, “I was too silly to believe Samuel was charmed by that woman. But after witnessing her medical skills, I know she's not just a plain jane.”
  • “You're the only direct male heir to the Hamilton family, Zayden. You need to stop behaving like how you did in the past and think of ways to restore our family to its former glory. Perhaps I could stop acting crazy if the Hamilton family could rise from the ashes.”
  • Scarlett regretted her action. She should not have listened to Yara's instigation and challenged the love of Samuel's life.
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