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Chapter 439 Blood From Orifices

  • Natalie's head started aching, noticing Charles was present too.
  • She had wanted to leave quietly after her treatment on Scarlett. Unfortunately, luck is not with me today. The grump has arrived, yet the dumb is still here.
  • Her mouth dried at the thought of coming up with an explanation.
  • Charles walked over to Zayden with a cane. “What's going on here? What's with this woman? Who is she? Why is she also in Scarlett's room?”
  • Zayden frowned and explained Natalie's identity to him.
  • “No way! She's lying!” Charles' temper spiked. “Are you casting black magic on my granddaughter? The reason you stabbed her with these needles was to bind her soul here to stop her from ascending to Heaven.”
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