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Chapter 438 Natalie To The Rescue

  • After she got inside, Natalie approached Scarlett without any delay and placed her finger on Scarlett's wrist.
  • Her pulse is haywire. It's far worse than I have imagined. It's no wonder the doctor did not go through with the operation. It's far too risky. Even the tiniest mistake could kill Scarlett on the spot, so the best move is to do nothing. That way, she could at least keep her life. However, how is she any better than dead?
  • Natalie was deep in thought for quite a long time, trying to figure out the optimal way to get rid of the blood clots in Scarlett's brain using acupuncture.
  • After that, she untied the pouch on her thigh and took out a row of crystal needles from it.
  • Then, she slowly unraveled the bandage on Scarlett's head before finally getting to work.
  • The crystal needles were made out of an unusual material, so they glowed of ominous blue, even under direct sunlight.
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