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Chapter 437 A Vegetable

  • Billy did not expect Scarlett to ask him that, so he was a little stunned. That said, he recovered instantly. “Coincidentally, Scarlett's here in this hospital. She was previously admitted into a small hospital at the outskirt of the city. But because the hospital wasn't well equipped, the Hamilton family decided to transfer her here out of sympathy.”
  • At that moment, Samuel understood the hesitation in Natalie's eyes. But unlike her, Samuel felt no sympathy for Scarlett.
  • Natalie would have been frozen to death if she did not see through Scarlett's plan.
  • So, to him, Scarlett deserved to die.
  • At the same time, Natalie quickly finished her food and picked up the plates. “Being stuck in this room is a drag, Samuel. I'll head out to wash these. Be right back.”
  • “Okay.”
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