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Chapter 434 All To Myself

  • “Mmm-hmm.” Natalie's eyes were still dazed. “I think I fell asleep just now. Are you hungry? I'll go make something for you and get your medicine.”
  • While Natalie talked, she wanted to lift the cover off her and get out of bed.
  • However, as soon as she did that, Samuel wrapped his arms around her waist and stopped her from moving.
  • “What am I to do? You don't know me like Xavian and Clayton do.” Samuel sounded a little hoarse. At the same time, his slightly calloused hands went under the hospital gown and rubbed against Natalie's smooth back.
  • The distance between the two were near zero.
  • They were so close that the tips of their noses touched as their breaths mingled.
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