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Chapter 432 Why Should I Do That

  • At that instance, Yara felt a jerk in her heart as tears started overflowing from her eyes.
  • “How could you talk to Yara like that, Samuel!” Kenneth's expression darkened with rage. “Yara has done so many things for the family over the years, but you chose to ignore all her effort and contribution. On top of that, you're treating her like this because of that woman? This is ridiculous! You...”
  • “Grandpa, I don't want to hear this slander from you. Natalie's great. She's not the witch you say she is,” Samuel interrupted Kenneth before he could finish his sentence.
  • Hearing that, Kenneth's expression turned bright red. “Are you going to go against me, your grandfather, just so you can be with that woman?”
  • “No, I was merely correcting the way you address her.”
  • “You! How can you be such a stubborn fool? What did that woman feed you?” Kenneth pulled Yara in front of Samuel. “Yara's so much better than Natalie Nichols! Why can't you see that?”
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