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Chapter 43 This Is Considered Lying

  • Upon hearing Natalie's name being mentioned, Sophia walked up to Samuel and nodded vigorously.
  • Although we have been contacting Natalie on the internet, a meeting in person will be so much better.
  • Franklin glanced at his sister briefly and nodded his head as well. “Of course, we want to!”
  • Even though he wanted to see Natalie as well, his tiny eyebrows were furrowed by the thought of it. Then, his clear eyes looked at Samuel warily.
  • “But, it's not right. Didn't you disapprove of me being with Natalie, Daddy?” His eyebrows knitted more tightly as he continued to recall more things. “Are you trying to trick her into coming so you can bully her because I like Natalie very much?”
  • “Can you stop calling her that affectionately?”
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