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Chapter 425 Nothing To Hide

  • “Are you threatening me, Lia?” demanded Yara as her voice broke.
  • “In the past, I only knew how it felt like to be threatened. I didn't expect that I'll be the person threatening you one day.” Lia stated coldly, “Yara, don't be too arrogant and underestimate others. Otherwise, you will dig your own grave and die from your own actions.”
  • With that, she hung up.
  • Listening to the beeping tone on the phone, Yara clenched her fists unconsciously. Her nails dug into her palm, causing blood to drip down her hand.
  • She had spent all her effort on guarding Scarlett.
  • Back then, she thought that Lia was just a pushover whom she could control. However, it turned out that Lia was the one who sabotaged the entire plan.
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