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Chapter 424 Drag The Hamilton Family Down

  • When Zayden heard Scarlett's pathetic cries, he could not stand it either.
  • “Grandpa, even though Scarlett has committed a mistake, don't you think that throwing her out from the Hamilton residence is too harsh a punishment?” Zayden pleaded on behalf of Scarlett.
  • “Do you think that I want to do this?” Charles stumbled backward as a look of exasperation crossed his wrinkled face. “Zayden, the Hamilton family isn't as powerful as you think. After your parents died, I'm the only one supporting the entire family. You know very clearly how incompetent you are. The Hamilton family has been going downhill since a few years ago. We've been hiding behind a false pretense of power.”
  • After a slight pause, he continued, “Before your birthday banquet, I've finally managed to reach a verbal agreement with Samuel for him to cooperate with the Hamilton family for the next ten years. Now that your sister has done something so outrageous, do you think that Samuel will still collaborate with the Hamilton family? I have no choice but to make a sacrifice. It is only by cutting off all ties with your sister and making the family's stance clear that there'll be a slight chance for Samuel to change his mind!”
  • Having a sudden revelation, Zayden finally understood the reason behind Charles' harsh actions.
  • “What about Scarlett...”
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