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Chapter 421 Hands As Cold As Ice

  • Natalie tried to warm up Samuel's hands with her own but quickly realized that her hands were just as cold.
  • Even though she had always managed to stay calm under pressure, Natalie could not help but panic when she saw how dire Samuel's situation was. Had I known that Samuel had returned early and that he would end up unconscious in the cold storage, I would never have gone away just so I could expose Scarlett in front of everyone. I know I can always get back at her. Heck, even if I had to let her get away with it, I would never let something like this happen to Samuel!
  • The mere thought of losing Samuel was enough to send shivers down Natalie's spine.
  • “Wake up, Samuel! Please! I'm begging you to wake up. I can't lose you!”
  • Drop after drop, Natalie's tears rolled down her cheek and fell onto Samuel's face.
  • No matter how much pressure she had had to endure over the years bringing up Xavian and Clayton on her own, Natalie rarely cried.
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