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Chapter 416 News Of Natalie

  • “And whose fault is that? You've always been a troublemaker! If only you're more like your sister, then I wouldn't be so worried for your future,” complained Charles.
  • Zayden waved his hand in response, showing that he had had enough of his grandfather's lecturing. “I get it. You're trying to tell me that you like Scarlett more than me. Whatever... But I mean what I said. Even if Samuel did find the woman's corpse in this place, it has absolutely nothing to do with me!”
  • After listening to that, Charles was finally convinced that his grandson was innocent.
  • The elderly man then turned to look at his granddaughter and remarked, “You seem awfully quiet today, Scarlett.”
  • Immediately, Scarlett felt uneasy when Charles shifted his attention to her, for she knew exactly where Natalie was.
  • After witnessing how Samuel reacted to Natalie's disappearance, Scarlett had gotten more nervous than she initially thought. No matter what, I can't let Samuel figure out that I'm involved!
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