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Chapter 415 Denial

  • At that moment, Samuel was filled with so much rage that he seemed like he had been possessed by a demon straight from hell.
  • “Where did you hide her? Answer me now!” commanded Samuel after grabbing Zayden by the collar.
  • Zayden's anger was quickly replaced by fear when facing Samuel's fury, but still, he tried to put on a brave face. “I have no idea who you're talking about. What do you want, Samuel? What you did tonight was unacceptable. Not only did you disrespect me, but you also disrespect my entire family.”
  • “He's right! You let go Zayden this instant!” Charles would never let anything bad happen to his precious grandson.
  • Scarlett, too, tried to stop Samuel by grabbing the man's wrist. “What are you doing, Samuel? I know you're angry that you can't find someone dear to you, but taking it out on my brother isn't going to help. Please just let him go!”
  • Still, Samuel would not listen to a word the Hamiltons said. With his eyes narrowed, Samuel tightened his grip as he continued to threaten Zayden, “I'm going to ask you one last time, Zayden. Where did you hide Natalie?”
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