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Chapter 412 Her Jealousy

  • That was not the first time Zayden met Samuel, but he never liked the man.
  • When compared to someone as good-looking and respectable as Samuel, it was only natural for Zayden to get jealous.
  • The fact that Charles buttered up Samuel at his expense only served to fuel his jealousy.
  • “It's not what you think, Grandpa. Why the heck would I get myself soaked like this? Surely you don't think I deliberately made a mess of myself!” Frowning, Zayden tried to defend himself.
  • “Then why don't you tell me what exactly happened to you?” questioned Charles sternly.
  • Zayden could feel his veins popping when he remembered how he ended up drenched. “A hideous woman pushed me into the swimming pool. It's true when people say that beauty comes from within. Someone as foul as her deserves to have a face full of freckles! That woman just ran off after kicking me into the pool.”
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