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Chapter 411 Thorn In My Flesh

  • Yara could understand what Scarlett was implying, so she stealthily tightened her grip on the glass but maintained her smile. Just who does Scarlett think she is! She's just lucky to be born as the only granddaughter to Old Mr. Hamilton. Even though the Hamiltons are a thousand times more influential than our family, I have Grandpa backing me. On top of that, I also have the twins. Scarlett may be cocky right now, but she has no idea that her days on the pedestal are numbered. For now, I'm going to let her have her fun since she's indispensable to my plan. But when I become the head of the Bowers family, I'll make sure she pays for all her mockeries.
  • Yara then took a sip of red wine before responding, “As crafty as I am, I've never spent a night at the Bowers residence, unlike Natalie. That woman has spent countless nights there.”
  • Skillfully, Yara had diverted all attention onto Natalie, whose unremarkable features and freckled cheeks were all Yara could think of when she mentioned the woman.
  • “I just don't understand what Samuel sees in a woman like that!” exclaimed Scarlett irritably.
  • Yara raised her eyebrow proudly. “I don't think it'll matter anymore. At least not after what we've done tonight. Get someone to open the cold storage two hours later, and I'm sure they'll find a frozen corpse inside. We'll tell them that Natalie wandered around at your brother's birthday party and accidentally got herself locked inside the cold storage. And if anybody looks for someone to blame, we'll give them Lia. It's a perfect plan. Nobody will ever figure out what really happened.”
  • Scarlett turned off the surveillance cameras before nodding in response.
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