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Chapter 39 Mommy Is Too Stubborn

  • Natalie let Ross go, completely unaware that Natasha had seen the entire scene unfold.
  • “How should I address you?” Ross asked with his brows furrowed, as though he found it hard to even ask that question.
  • “Since we're out of the office, I'll address you as Ross, and you can call me Natalie.” Natalie was used to her carefree lifestyle, which she had adopted since she was young. She was definitely not used to becoming the center of everyone's attention, more so to be addressed as the Chairman.
  • “N-Natalie?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • Observing the awkward expression Ross put on as he tried to force her name out of his lips, Xavian burst into laughter. “My Mommy doesn't bite! You don't need to be afraid of her!”
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