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Chapter 382 Spoiled By You

  • At that, Franklin was dumbfounded. “Daddy, I'm your son. Why can't I have a taste?”
  • “This is for Nat.” Samuel squinted his eyes at his son. “I have only made a plate of ravioli. They are only enough for her.”
  • “Is that so...” When Franklin heard that the food was for Natalie, he stopped protesting.
  • Samuel washed his hands and patted Franklin's head. “If she can't finish them. I will give some to you.”
  • If the food were not for Natalie, Franklin would have been furious. However, in the present situation, he could only snort indignantly. “Daddy, are you poor? The heart-shaped cake you gave us this afternoon was too small. It was not enough to share among the few of us. Now, you only made a plate of ravioli. You should make more of them in the future!”
  • Samuel was instantly furious when he heard Franklin.
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