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Chapter 378 Her Guardian Angel

  • Samuel's gazes were so cold and frosty that they freaked Jolene out. She had wanted to ask the doctor to check on Samuel first, but eventually, she did not dare to do it.
  • The doctor put down his medical box and began checking on Natalie.
  • It turned out that it was a rattlesnake, a highly venomous species, that bit Natalie earlier. Fortunately, the hospital had ample antivenoms to counter rattlesnake bites in their medical storage. With proper and timely medical treatment, one would not be in a life-threatening case.
  • Natalie later went into an unconscious state.
  • She was freezing and thought of moving around and rubbing her hands to warm herself up. Yet, her whole body felt so weak she did not have the strength.
  • That made her feel terrible.
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