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Chapter 373 Unwilling To Acknowledge Her As Mother

  • The man on the left corner of the drawing was most likely Samuel. Next to him were the four little ones—Franklin, Sophia, Xavian, and Clayton, and lastly, on the right, Natalie.
  • Even though the pencil strokes of those five-year-old children were still blunt and messy, they had put in thoughts and emotions to draw the picture out. It was no wonder why Natalie and Samuel felt warm inside when they saw the drawing.
  • The term “home” used to be something that was so out of reach for Samuel and Natalie.
  • Little did they expect what seemed impossible to achieve had now appeared not only on the drawing but even more so before their eyes.
  • “Happy birthday, Daddy.” Franklin scratched the back of his head and grinned broadly.
  • “Daddy, happy birthday!” Sophie blinked her sparkling eyes as she sent her well-wishes too.
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