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Chapter 360 Revenge For Mommy

  • “That's what you think. It doesn't mean Lionel shares your sentiments.” Yara approached Lia's bed and sneered, “He only sees you as his sister. And yet, you harbor desires for him! If outsiders find out that he was adopted from the orphanage by your parents, do you think your uncles would still accord him the same level of respect? Once his identity is exposed, you'll remain the princess of the Johnson family, but Lionel will fall from grace and have his world turned upside down.”
  • Despite the pain she felt, that was the threshold she couldn't cross.
  • And it was for that same reason she went along with Yara's plan to frame Natalie.
  • “If you know what's good for you, you should keep your mouth shut,” Yara warned. “If I have a need for you going forward, you had better do as I say. Or else, you will have to suffer the consequences.”
  • Lia clenched her fists upon hearing Yara's words.
  • When Lionel returned with the flowers in a vase, he saw Yara staring at Lia with a smile. “Lia, remember to obey your brother and have a good rest. I'll drop by again when I'm free.”
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