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Chapter 358 Waiting Up

  • By the time Samuel and Natalie returned from the police station where she got her ankle monitor removed and got changed, it was already three in the morning.
  • Gavin, who was still up, stood at the door to welcome both of them home.
  • Given that he was in his sixties, his eyes were bloodshot due to his inability to stay up late. The moment he saw Samuel and Natalie, he greeted, “Mr. Samuel, Ms. Nichols, you're finally back!”
  • Natalie felt bad that they had caused Gavin to wait up. “Gavin, actually, you don't have to-”
  • “You're the one who should stop feeling guilty.” Gavin shook his head with a smile. “Considering my age, I can't sleep whenever I'm worried. So, I really wasn't waiting up for both of you on purpose. Now that you're safe, I'll be able to sleep till the afternoon.”
  • “Thank you, Gavin.”
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