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Chapter 357 Not Allowed To Kiss

  • Thinking about Samuel's idea, Natalie realized that it was indeed brilliant.
  • Unfortunately, it didn't cross her mind when they were in the ward.
  • She had planned to let Lionel vent his anger before seeking his understanding and trust to treat Lia with acupuncture. Subsequently, Lia lost massive amounts of blood from puking and needed a blood transfusion from her brother.
  • Lost in thought, Natalie didn't answer Samuel's question, causing his frown to intensify.
  • “Why aren't you saying anything?”
  • “Since the matter has been resolved perfectly, there's no need to be pedantic about the process.” When Natalie felt his fingertips on her neck, she tucked her head by reflex. “No matter what, the fact that Lia was cured is a silver lining indeed. After all, I do not wish for her to die because of me.”
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