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Chapter 354 A Close Call

  • Natalie stepped back involuntarily.
  • Unfortunately, Lionel did not give her the chance to escape. His arm shot out quickly, his fingers around Natalie's delicate neck. His face turned red with fury as he tightened his grip to suffocate her.
  • “Don't you dare go near Lia!”
  • At the sight of this, Samuel moved to stop Lionel. However, before he could do anything, he noticed Natalie shaking her head almost imperceptibly. With her eyebrows drawn tightly together, she wordlessly implored him not to intervene.
  • Lionel directed all the pent-up emotion toward Natalie.
  • He did not hold back on his strength and attempted to crush her windpipe. Natalie gasped for air as her throat constricted from the pressure.
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