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Chapter 333 A Resignation Letter

  • Natalie was still stretching when she heard a woman speak. She turned and saw a young woman dressed in a white sweater and a brown skirt.
  • Under a closer look, the woman's features looked exquisite and her make-up was on point too. She was the kind of woman whom everyone would pay attention to, but the conspicuous jealousy on her face made her expression look distasteful. It ruined her beauty.
  • Seeing that Natalie did not take her seriously, Jasmine became incensed. “Mr. Moss and Dream have had a good track record over the past years. There has been no scandal at all, so I hope you know your place and stop trying to get Mr. Moss' attention by being clingy. Even if you're able to make it to his bed, you're not a worthy candidate for him.”
  • Natalie was appalled. Never had she ever thought about Yandel in such a manner, but Jasmine simply approached her and assumed the worst of her.
  • What? Yandel and I together? What's wrong with her?
  • Natalie did not find it funny at all. On the contrary, she felt offended for no good reason.
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