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Chapter 331 The Ideal Body Shape

  • When the first sunray woke Natalie up the next morning, she wondered why she still felt heavy-headed after one night of rest.
  • She guessed it must be because she had a low tolerance for alcohol. Despite knowing she could not hold her liquor, she still went overboard.
  • She grunted in discomfort and turned aside. When she opened her eyes, she saw Samuel, dressed casually in his grey pajama. The fabric hung loosely from his shoulder, showing his muscular and defined chest. He was watching her when she woke up, lying on his side with his head rested on his hand.
  • Natalie was stunned when she saw him.
  • The way he was looking at her was as if he was considering how he should savor his dessert after a scrumptious meal.
  • Natalie found herself at a loss for words.
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