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Chapter 318 Mrs Bowers

  • “Is that the pendant?” Minerva exclaimed.
  • Milton froze conspicuously at the sight of the pendant, his bruised-covered face showing signs of panic. His clumsy reaction was not lost on his parents.
  • With a surge of fury, Leonard leaped to his feet and gave his son a resounding slap across the face. “Tell me the truth, Milton. What is really going on here?”
  • As he was the sole heir of the Swan family for the third generation in a row, Milton was accustomed to the most luxurious circumstances and throwing his weight around as the elders of his family doted on him.
  • At the first slap ever received in his life by his father, Milton clutched his cheek and began to cry.
  • “Daddy... I... I am jealous of them!” he confessed through broken sobs. “Though they are clearly not as rich as us, the teachers and the girls seemed to like them more than they like me. I hid the pendant under my blanket to teach them a lesson, but I didn't expect it to...”
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