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Chapter 316 Samuel Loses His Temper

  • Natalie was beginning to grasp the true extent of the matter after interrogating her sons.
  • This fatty with a punching bag for a face is obviously not telling the truth. Though it can be forgiven if a five-year-old can't think for himself, isn't it ludicrous how the mother jumped to conclusions by accusing Xavian and commenting about the way he is being brought up? Stupid b*tch, I'll show her!
  • Natalie clenched her fists so hard that her nails dug into the flesh of her palms, though she felt no pain.
  • “You may accuse my son of whatever you want,” Natalie said quietly with a dangerous glint in her eyes. “But you'd better have the evidence to back it up. All you're basing this upon is what your own child claimed. I don't think his word is sufficient enough proof.”
  • At the mere mention of the lost pendant, Minerva became agitated once more.
  • “Your son's thieving little fingers did it! Why don't you ask him instead of accusing my son's integrity?”
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