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Chapter 293 An Armor For Her

  • “Your dance during the game's press conference has impressed many people. Although you have a lot more talent in acting than other amateurs, that's all you have. There are no indications of any specialized training in your acting,” explained Natalie as she stared at Wendy with her clear eyes.
  • “Rough diamond needs to be polished. Similarly, a good actress needs more practice to improve her skills. You came from a dance background. Compared to many other acting students, there's nothing exceptional about you except for your appearance. If you've got nothing but your looks, you'll only be a pretty vase. Even with the protection of Yandel and me, you'll be seen as an object that can easily be taken advantage of by other powerful people. The only way to change is to become an independent woman in the entertainment industry. If you rise to a position of power, others in power will not dare to touch you.”
  • Upon hearing that, Wendy clenched her fists.
  • “Then, I—”
  • “You should start by acting as side characters. Learn on the job. In your free time, Yandel will hire a coach to guide you.” Natalie glanced at the streets beneath the skyscraper and added calmly, “Don't think that you're superior to others just because you're an actress. You're just like everyone down there. It is only through persistent effort and the diligent upgrading of your professional skills that you can secure a success that can never be snatched away by others.”
  • Natalie's words were mind-blowing to Wendy that even in ten years, she would still remember what the latter had said when she walked the red carpets for multiple international film festivals.
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