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Chapter 291 Cure Yana

  • Stunned, Yana asked in a trembling voice, “Natalie, is there a possibility for me to be cured if we have the dragonblood fruit?”
  • Gazing at her, Natalie smiled and assured, “It's not just a possibility. It's a certainty!”
  • Yana nodded firmly and held Natalie's hand.
  • “When you did the acupuncture on me and prescribed me some traditional medicine, my pain subsided significantly. For that, I'm already very grateful to you! Honestly, over the past few years, I didn't have much confidence in recovering. But since you said that I'll be cured, then I'll definitely be cured!”
  • Yana grinned through her tears.
  • Although she was speaking in a light-hearted manner, Natalie could see her intense yearning to survive. Perhaps she merely forced herself to seem nonchalant just so she would not disappoint herself and her family. However, the more she acted like that, the more Natalie's heart ached for her.
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