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Chapter 272 Crossing His Bottom Line

  • Smack! Phoebe was left shocked by the hard slap on her cheek.
  • Even though Phoebe's status was nowhere comparable to that of Susan in the Leister family, Winnie and George still adored her a lot since she had good manners, excellent results, and to top it all off, she had outstandingly good looks. No one could believe that this usually obedient lady would do something so outrageous. Needless to say, George and Winnie were the most affected and furious.
  • “Phoebe, do you know how shameless you are? Do you still want to get married?”
  • “What exactly do you want?”
  • Phoebe broke into an uncontrollable sob.
  • I certainly saw Natalie lying unconscious on the couch. This man was supposed to be sleeping with that wretch. Why did it become me instead?
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