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Chapter 268 Putting On A Servant Costume

  • It was the first time Justin had heard Samuel had such high compliments for someone.
  • He stood frozen on the spot for a good while before he regained his senses and quickly took a gulp of wine from his glass to calm himself down.
  • What the hell!
  • Justin's curiosity toward Natalie had only increased after hearing Samuel's praises. Now, he wanted to see how special Natalie was.
  • Natalie followed closely behind Phoebe into a guest room on the second floor.
  • Once they got into the room, Phoebe put on a warm smile on her face as she said, “Ms. Natalie, please wait here for a moment. There's some juice over at that corner; do help yourself to it. I'll bring you a clean gown that suits you soon.”
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