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Chapter 246 Uninvited Guest

  • If I take off the mask, will Samuel be able to distinguish me from Yara? Previously, I've also met Yara at the Bowers residence. Was there something between Samuel and her?
  • Seeing that she was aggrieved and unconvinced, Samuel stared at her and inquired, “Do you feel wronged?”
  • “No.”
  • “But you don't seem to be very happy.” Ruffling with her hair, the man queried in a deep voice, “Does the wound hurt? Or is there something on your mind?”
  • Since Natalie did not want to talk about Yara, she mentioned her purpose of coming downstairs, “Nothing. I'm just hungry.”
  • Instantaneously, Billy understood and responded respectfully, “Mr. Bowers, I'll ask the kitchen to prepare some food.”
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