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Chapter 236 Romeo And Juliet

  • “Liliana, he's—”
  • Before Natalie could finish her sentence, Liliana interrupted her, “Dr. Nichols, do you want to say that Josiah is dead?”
  • A hint of paranoia flickered across her eyes when she continued, “He's not dead. Now, he's just badly injured and fell asleep. Once you heal his wounds, he'll wake up.”
  • Hearing that, Natalie gasped.
  • No one can come back from the dead. It's just impossible!
  • Liliana wrapped the scarf tightly around her body. As she thought of her past memories, there was a painful expression on her face. “My parents died because of Julian. Then, he took a fancy of me and asked me to be his woman. In order to protect me, my younger brother was killed by a so-called accident orchestrated by that bastard.”
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