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Chapter 216 Open A Medical Center For You

  • Mona was gasping for air as she could not breathe. “Calm down, Yara. Please calm down. Trust me. I had always had your best interest in mind...”
  • She tried to take another breath and continued, “I really didn't expect the accident to happen, and I thought they'd appoint you as their ambassador for sure...”
  • Mona was taken aback by how strong Yara had become after gulping down a few glasses of wine. She was so terrified of Yara that she started trembling.
  • “You have my best interest in mind?” Yara gave Mona a killer stare. “Do you know how hard I've worked to get to where I am today? Because of this accident, I've now become a laughing stock!”
  • “Please, Yara. Stop. I can't breathe. Please...”
  • Yara ignored Mona's plea at first, but the moment her phone rang, she let go of her manager.
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